IBC Classes 07.2014-06.2015 Show Year - Area 2 (EU)

Group A: Regular Classes
Variety A: Longfin Singletail Halfmoons
A1. Red or Black Male
A2. Red or Black Female
A3. Blue or Green/Turquoise or Steel Male
A4. Blue or Green/Turquoise or Steel Female
A5. Clear / Yellow / Orange / Opaque or Pastel Male
A6. Clear / Yellow / Orange / Opaque or Pastel Female
A7. Metallic Dark or Light Solid Male
A8. Metallic Dark or Light Solid Female
A9. Bicolor Male
A10. Multicolor Male
A11. Other Patterned (bf, marb, griz) Male
A12. Bicolor Female
A13. Multicolor Female
A14. Other Patterned (bf, marb, griz) Female

Variety V: Veiltails
V1. Veiltail Male
V2. Veiltail Female

Variety B: Doubletails (both longfin and shortfin)
B1. Longfin Doubletail Male
B2. Doubletail Female (both longfin and shortfin)
B3. Shortfin Doubletail Male
Variety C: Crowntails (both longfin and shortfin)
C1. Longfin Crowntail Male
C2. Crowntail Female (both longfin and shortfin)
C3. Shortfin Crowntail Male

Variety D: Shortfin Singletails
D1. Traditional Plakat Male
D2. Traditional Plakat Female
D3. Show Plakat Dark Solid Color Male
D4. Show Plakat Light Solid Color Male
D5. Show Plakat Bicolor Male
D6. Show Plakat Multicolor Male
D7. Show Plakat Patterned Male
D8. Show Plakat Female
D9. Halfmoon Shortfin Male

Division E: Breeders Division winners to go to appropriate BOV category
E1. Color or Form Variations Male
E2. Color or Form Variations Female
E3. Form and Finnage Male
E4. Form and Finnage Female
E5. Pairs
E6. Large Pectoral Form Male* (TRIAL CLASS)
* Trial Class for Large Pectorals is written for males only.
Females should be entered in E2.

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs (Optional) Not Eligible for BOV or BOS
F1 Small / Large Bubblenesters
F2 Small / Large Mouthbrooders

Division G: Arts & Crafts (Optional) Not Eligible for BOV or BOS. Must be the work of the entrant.
G1 Photography
G2 Illustration
G3 Crafts
Group B: New Breeder Classes
NB1. Veiltail Male
NB2. Longfin HM Male ST/DT
NB3. Crowntail Male ST/DT/SF(PK)
NB4. Shortfin Male ST/DT
NB5. Veiltail Female
NB6. Longfin Female HM ST/DT/CT
NB7. Shortfin Female


Note: Division F and G will not take place on every show. The organizer over here decides for itself in terms of space and facilities

Note: If not specified, classes are to be judged with all colors/patterns

Note: Form and Finnage allows *all* forms – longfin, doubletail, crowntail, shortfin, and veiltail. They should be judged for the form standards for the fish of that form so entered.

Note: Area 2 has chosen not to participate in the "purchased fish" IBC option. All fish entered must be self-bred.

Note: Area 2 has chosen to use the area judging option of combining and splitting classes depending on entry numbers, so the final class list may not be the same in each show.

Regular Classes: 42
Trial Classes: 1
Wild Classes: 2 (optional)
Arts & Crafts: 3 (optional)
New Breeder Classes: 7

49 Total Classes

1st, 2nd, 3rd places, all classes
Best of Variety, Group A Variety Classes
Reserve Best of Show, Regular (Group A)
Best of Show, Regular (Group A)
Reserve Best of Show, New Breeder (Group B)
Best of Show, New Breeder (Group B)
* Best of awards are one each for male and female
Other awards by chapter optional.

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